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JUST ADD WATER! Concentrate Kit (prepares 4 gallons : 2gal. A, 1gal. B, 1gal. C)

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The kits contains materials required to prepare 2X 1gal. Reagent A, 1gal. Reagent B, and 1 gal. Reagent C.

(1 US gal is approximately 3.8 Liters)

Does NOT come with calibration solution

Easy to follow instructions included with kit 

For larger scale options, please contact us


Attention International Customers: 5L kits 

All international kits will now be a 5L kit, please read the included instructions with your kit as it will direct you to the final volume to use for the kit you have.

* Note: import taxes may apply depending on country being shipped to. 


*****.  LIMIT 1 per order. If more than 1 kit is desired, please inquire. *******

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